Bringing the heat and passion of Spain to downtown Halifax

Our Flamenco Nights at the Seahorse Tavern performance series- brings flamenco performances that span all the nuances of flamenco and Spanish culture and more.

Ranging from traditional flamenco to flamenco fusion where we team up with dancers and musicians from other genres, we bring the heat and passion of Spain to downtown Halifax.

Along with a wide range of local artists, we are proud to invite some of the best flamenco performers from Spain and across Canada.

It will feel just like in Spain for a night in this intimate atmosphere. Choose from our The Seahorse Tavern’s special delicious tapas menu, sangria and wide range of drinks.

Experience a Spanish ‘tablao’ in Halifax!

In Spain, people will often visit a ‘tablao’ to experience authentic flamenco. The word “tablao” comes from “tablados” (wooden floor stages). These Spanish pubs and eateries became hugely popular in the latter half of the 20th century, and have since continued to grow.

Since the 1950’s, the tablaos have been magnets for flamenco lovers and tourists. A typical tablao runs two-three flamenco shows every evening featuring between 3-8 artists and shows, serving up drinks, tapas, or fancy dinner menus into the wee hours of the night – much like any popular pub in Halifax that features live music – except the tablao strictly features only flamenco dance and music.

See full album by the talented photographer Ros Rheaume here


Carmen Romero
Caroline Plante
Maria Serrano
Virginia Castro Duran
Liron Man

Arabic Fusion – Daniel MacNeil ensemble
Duro y Oscuro
El Grupo Encuentro
Los Flamencos
La Movida
Maneira Montagu Ensemble
Latin Drama



Ayman Amer
Bob Sutherby
Daniel MacNeil
Mario Charron

Cheryl Reid O’Hagan
Enrique ‘el Henry” Rojo
Joyce Saunders
Lisa Myers

Annie Fortin
Audrey Barber
Colleen Power
Francesca Nardi
Janice Godin
Julio Fernandez
Karen Staples
Lindsey D’Ambrogi
Maria Osende
La Azulita
Natalie Lynn
Sean Andrews
Zeph Caissie

For the Love of Flamenco group