We are grateful to Nova Scotia Communities, Culture and Heritage for supporting this event.

Our recent events to celebrate World Flamenco Day were a lot of fun and received a warm reception.

It was wonderful to be back on stage presenting, dancing and playing flamenco for the public. We included a mixture of informative presentations with demonstrations of dance, music and rhythms from our artists.

There were also opportunities for the audience to get up and dance with us, try some flamenco rhythms and even some flamenco karaoke!

The students of Flamenco and Ballet School Maria Osende joined us for some Sevillanas. So wonderful to dance together again after all this time.

We even had a special guest appearance by puss in boots, who serenaded us at the end of the show and entertained all with debonair charm.

It was equal parts amazing and nerve-wracking to be back on stage after almost two years away. It was surprising how quickly we all settled back in to the rhythm of it and we are so grateful to those who attended and gave such heartfelt support. We look forward to seeing you again soon at our next event!

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