Coming up in July

Contratiempo, Thursday July 14, The Marquee Ballroom, Halifax, NS
Contratiempo, Saturday July 16, Osprey Arts Centre, Slhelburne, NS


Thursday, July 14, 2022 at 8pm

A premiere by Maria Osende Flamenco Co. 

The Marquee Ballroom, 2037 GOTTINGEN STREET, Halifax

The word CONTRATIEMPO has a double meaning in Spanish;  musically it means “offbeat” and colloquially it means setback or inconvenience. Both meanings apply to the show.

Intricate, challenging and fascinating at the same time, the contratiempo is an essential part of the flamenco rhythm, constantly present in the dancers’ footwork, the hand clapping or the guitar.

“The tension between the beautiful flamenco melodies, the broken tones of the singing and the unique mood inherent in the dancer’s every move and sound mesmerizes again and again.”

This show features flamenco dancer Maria Osende along with Montreal-based flamenco dancer Aurelie Brunelle, singer Alexandra Templier and guitarist Quique.  This is the first time these artists will visit Halifax and also a first time collaboration between them.

A one-time only show that the audience will be able to see, feel and hear in the intimate setting of Halifax’s iconic Seahorse Tavern on Thursday, July 14. A second performance (all ages) will take place at the Osprey Arts Centre on Saturday, July 16, 2022

About our Performance Series

The Flamenco Nights Performance Series is produced and presented by Atlantic Flamenco Productions Society since 2012 and brings a Spanish Flamenco experience right to the heart of downtown Halifax.

In Spain, people will often visit a ‘tablao’ to experience flamenco. The word “tablao” comes from “tablados” (wooden floor stages). These Spanish pubs and eateries became hugely popular in the later half of the 20th century, and have since continued to grow in popularity.

Since the 1950’s, the tablaos have been magnets for flamenco lovers and tourists. A typical tablao runs two to three flamenco shows every evening, serving up drinks, tapas, or fancy dinner menus into the wee hours of the night – much like any popular pub in Halifax that features live music – except a tablao only features flamenco dance and music.

The Seahorse TavernSince 2012 we have been partnering with the Seahorse Tavern to bring this experience to Haligonias. A perfect spot for flamenco, the Seahorse feels like Spain when our Flamenco Nights are on. We are grateful for this great partnership!

The Seahorse Tavern claims the title of Nova Scotia’s oldest existing bar; it opened its doors on Argyle Street in 1948 and has been a nightlife staple of Halifax ever since.  Located on the backside of the The Local Restaurant and  Marquee Ballroom in the heart of Halifax’s lively North End on Gottingen Street, the Seahorse is the quintessential Nova Scotian bar, featuring live music, friendly crowds and an unpretentious, kitchen-party vibe. The Seahorse has four non-binary bathroom stalls, is wheelchair accessible and the bar recently installed a ramp to the back entrance.