Easter Flamenco Traditions – with Caridad Vega

Spanish Easter dessert and flamenco traditions. Acompaña esta gran cantaora en su cocina. Bilingual Spanish/English ZOOM event.   About this Event Let's talk about Flamenco and Spanish Easter week! What is a Saeta? Or an Alabanza Flamenca? Learn the answers

Newsletter – February 2021

Feature: The Bata de Cola
Valentine’s – Spanish Love phrases and Print out Card
Meanwhile in Spain: Filomena, the Spanish snow storm
Coming up in March: Spanish Easter “French Toast” and the “saeta”

This Holiday Season, join hair dresser and flamenco singer Caridad Vega and artistic director a dancer Maria Osende for this unique and fun one-time event.

What is the best hairdo for you?
Whether you have short or long hair, we will discuss options and ways to look “flamenca” depending on the occasion, let it be for an event were you want a Spanish look or for a performance

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