The Soul of Spain to the Heart of Atlantic Canada 


The Maria Osende Flamenco Co. brings the Soul of Spain to the Heart of Atlantic Canada.  Founded by Spanish dancer and choreographer Maria Osende upon moving to Canada in 2004, the company has made a strong mark in Nova Scotia and beyond,  touring extensively in the Atlantic provinces, Quebec and Vancouver, as well as performing at countless multicultural festivals across the country. 

The “company” refers to the creative and artistic work of Osende, under the umbrella of “Atlantic Flamenco Productions Society”. Its flexible structure allows Osende to produce small and large scale shows, as well as to reconfigure when needed for specific projects. These may involve her Halifax-based core group of dancer and musicians or collaborations with various artists and institutions. 


Osende is the creative force behind the company. Over the last 18 years, she has produced over 30 works, ranging from full-length main stage shows to solos or short choreographies created for special events. Other projects include collaborations and performances with guest artists from Spain and Germany as well as artistic explorations.  Her work continues to evolve over time, at times pushing creative boundaries, while other times remaining deeply rooted in traditional flamenco. 

Before moving to Canada Osende was a solo dancer with the National Ballet of Spain and with the Berlin Ballet (Germany) for over a decade. Her extensive experience performance experience, as well as her experience working with choreographers and dancer from various dance styles, ranging from contemporary dance to Bharatanatyam makes her work unique.


Pounding feet, heavy singing, fast guitar and intricate percussion are the trademarks of flamenco, a Spanish art form which has long gone global and now belongs to the world.

The amazing sounds and uniqueness of the flamenco guitar continue to fascinate and inspire audiences and musicians worldwide. The complex variety of rhythms within flamenco, are heavily based on Arabic and Middle Eastern music, as well as African and South America. The singing is reminiscent of all the above, including Jewish and of course Spanish traditional songs.


We know that our supporters, donors and volunteers, are at the core of what we do. You help us deliver our mission of spreading the beauty and art of flamenco in our region. You are our superstars. We need your support to keep our events and the passion of flamenco arts alive in our region.