Spreading the beauty and art of Flamenco in the Atlantic Region



Pounding feet, heavy singing, fast guitar and intricate percussion are the trademarks of flamenco, a Spanish art form which has long gone global and now belongs to the world.

The amazing sounds and uniqueness of the flamenco guitar continue to fascinate and inspire audiences and musicians worldwide, including our very own Jesse Cook. The complex variety of rhythms within flamenco, are heavily based on Arabic and Middle Eastern music, as well as African and South America. The singing is reminiscent of all the above, including Jewish and of course Spanish traditional songs.

Formed by a stunning group of musicians and dancers and founded but Spanish flamenco dancer Maria Osende shortly after moving to Canada in 2004, the company has performed extensively, performing at the most important venues in Atlantic Canada, in Quebec at the Museum of Civilization’s Theater under the invitation of the Spanish Embassy and at countless multicultural festivals across the country.

The company has a flexible structure, that allows it to producing small and large scale shows, these include the intimate “Flamenco Nights performance series” in Halifax as well as main stage shows, private functions and artistic collaborations.

Artistic director Maria Osende is the creative force behind the company, together with musical director Daniel MacNeil, they continue to push creative boundaries and make flamenco a XXI century, current art form. Flamenco from Spain proudly made in Canada.

Award-winning dancer Maria Osende, is a renown dancer and choreographer with a taste for innovation and fusion. Before moving to Canada Maria was a Soloist with the National Ballet of Spain and with the Berlin Ballet, where she worked with many contemporary choreographers. Her background in ballet, modern dance and flamenco makes her work unique.

Musical director Daniel MacNeil is a flamenco guitarist, composer, multi-Instrumentalist (oud, percussion, sitar),and Educator based in Halifax. A music graduate from Acadia university, Daniel is a performer and collaborator in a diverse range of “world music” genres (including: Flamenco, Middle Eastern, Indian Classical, Balkan, Brazilian, and African to name just a few)

Seasoned singers Joyce Saunders and Lisa Myers are regular collaborators with the company, as well as percussionist Ian MacMillan (Squid, Drum, amongst others). The company often brings along violin, piano and additional dancers for their performances.

The Maria Osende Flamenco Co. produces its shows and activities under the umbrella of “Atlantic Flamenco Productions Society”  a charitable organization whose mandate is to promote flamenco in our region. We add to Nova Scotia’s rich multicultural landscape by creating artistic, cultural and educational shows and events. 

We are devoted to spreading the flamenco art form in Nova Scotia by:

  • educating and informing audiences about Spanish arts and culture
  • building a community by involving our ever-growing audience of flamenco aficionados in the province
  • collaborating with groups in our community
  • organizing and hosting festivals, fiestas and other events


We know that our supporters, donors and volunteers, are at the core of what we do. You help us deliver our mission of spreading the beauty and art of flamenco in our region. You are our superstars. We need your support to keep our events and the passion of flamenco arts alive in our region.