Maria Osende Flamenco Co. presents CONTRATIEMPO


CONTRATIEMPO by Maria Osende Flamenco Co. 

The tension between the musical beauty,  the broken tones of suffering and the unique mood inherent in every move and sound created by the dancer, surprises again and again. These fantastic flamenco artists will arise together ready to give their all and interpret essential human emotions through this powerfully expressive Spanish art genre.

The word CONTRATIEMPO has a double meaning in Spanish;  musically it means “offbeat” and colloquially it means “setback” or “inconvenience”.   Both meanings apply to the show. Intricate, challenging and fascinating at the same time, the contratiempo is an essential part of flamenco rhythm, constantly present in the dancers’ footwork, the hand clapping or the guitar.

About the Show


Traditional flamenco dance and music concert including dance and musical pieces.

Concept and Artistic Direction

Maria Osende

Choreography and Dance

Maria Osende, Aurelie Brunelle

Live music

Quique (guitar) and Alexandra Templier (vocals)

Venue size:  adaptable to small and large spaces as well as as event entertainment

Production: MOFC – Atlantic Flamenco Productions Society

Funding: Arts Nova Scotia, Canada Council for the Arts